Freedom of Movement: What should I do?

I have written to my MP in the UK:  Robert Buckland MP, asking him for his advice on my situation in light of his government’s Brexit Deal.

Dear Mr. Buckland

I moved from Swindon to Toledo in 2005. I am a UK citizen. I vote as an Overseas Elector in Swindon South and will do again in any UK National Election or Referendum for as long as I am able. 

Your government’s decision to prioritise the removal of our Freedom of Movement threatens my ability to work and provide for my family.

Since moving to Spain I have worked in corporate IT jobs that require me to travel and work across the the EU, often travelling at short notice and without delays, visas or work permits to offices and customers across the EU. 

When I lose my Freedom of Movement as a result of the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated by your government, it is probable that I will no longer be eligible for my job at my current employer or any similar role in Spain (there is no department or process for managing visas or sponsoring work permits. It would be an unecessary overhead they are not interested in bearing).

What should I do?

The options I see open to me are:

  1. Accept the reduced Spain-centric role that may be offered to me: 40% reduction in salary. I would need to sell my house and limit the plans for my daughter’s university education to the local university, rather than doing the course she wants to follow in Madrid.
  2. Give up IT and start teaching english: 60% reduction in salary. as above but I would work locally.
  3. Apply for Spanish citizenship: I could maintain my life more or less as-is, but I would need to renounce my UK citizenship. Presumably I would then be prevented from returning to the UK for prolonged periods if I needed to care for my parents, as I would need to show an ability to provide for myself in terms of healthcare.
  4. Move back to the UK. We have EU friends living in the UK, who feel the hostility that your government and its cheerleaders in the media are stoking towards them on a daily basis. Not something I can recommend to my wife and children.

Ending Freedom of Movement is an unnecessary misguided, small-minded attack on normal hard-working working people across the UK and Europe. We contribute to our host countries in infinite ways, this is the most hurtful and painful upheaval that a government can impose upon its citizens.

I would be interested to hear what your advice to me would be. Should I renounce my UK Citizenship to maintain my life in the UK?

Is selling my family home and downsizing to account for my diminished status and earning capacity as a UK Citizen in Spain part of your Brexit Dividend?

Will you vote to put your government’s Brexit deal to a People’s Vote so that it can be endorsed as the “Will of the People” against the other options of Leaving with No Deal or Remaining in the EU?

Yours sincerely,

Simon Pike.

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