Onimac Day 2: Fri 13th April: Saceda – Vendas del Narón: 66 km

I made an early start from the Albergue, intent on making up for what i felt had been lost time yesterday. The countryside was stunning, lush green woods with rolling pastures divided by moss-coved stone walls. As I headed into rural Lugo I felt as though I could be back home in the Cotswolds.

Picnic lunch in rural Lugo

After lunch, the countryside continued to impress, rising and falling and then rising again from 300m to 700m along increasingly rocky footpaths between Arzúa and Portomarín. Fighting my way up hill was tough , and would continue to be so until my fitness improves after a few days of cycling. The rocky path was also causing me frustration as I had to creep my heavily loaded bike down hill.

At some point along the way, my left pannier ripped free of it’s clip. Luckily I was able to recover the clip and with a bit of re-packing and couple of cable-ties I was able to bodge together a means of keeping it attached to the pannier-rack.

As dusk began to fall into a misty rainy evening, I decided to cut short my push for Portomarín and dive into one of the albergues in Ventas de Narón.

Ventas de Narón

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